Thule roof rack system Edge or Thule Evo: What's the difference?

Thule roof rack system Edge or Thule Evo: What's the difference?

The next generation of Thule roof racks has arrived with the promise of revolutionizing the roof rack industry! But really, what has changed with the new Thule Edge series?

2022 brings with it new additions to the Thule roof rack range. All new roof racks from Thule belong to two families. The existing Evo range looks and functions like most traditional roof racks, while the new Edge range offers a more cohesive looking alternative and replaces the current AeroBlade Edge family.

Old - Thule Evo

On the Evo range, the beam extends past the mounting leg and hangs over the edge of your car, giving a much more traditional look. You have three beam (tube) options in the Evo family, but we recommend the Wingbar Evo, available in black and silver, as it gives the most streamlined look. 

New - Thule Edge

If you're not a fan of overhanging roof racks, the Edge is the option for you. With this new system, the leg assembly and beams integrate with each other, creating a cohesive look that ends at the edge of your vehicle. 

The best choice for your vehicle 

Although it may seem like you have to sort through a lot of different products, choosing the right system is a lot easier than it looks. All new Thule products are named after the style of vehicle they are attached to. For example, the Evo Flush Rail is designed to connect to vehicles with roof rails for drainage. This means that if you have a flush rail, the only thing you need to choose is whether you want an Evo or an Edge system.